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Hillmate Inclined Lift

Say goodbye to the drudgery of climbing up difficult pathways. An incline lift is the easiest, safest and smartest way to reach your destination.

Old Mate Elevators are highly experienced in designing and installing custom inclined lifts across Australia. We provide installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial premises.

Our incline lifts are designed to withstand any terrain or challenging climate. Either in dense bushland, ocean coasts or cold winter locations – we can install onto any section of your property.

Available in Open or Fully Enclosed Cabins
Available in Lengths Ranging From 10 Meters to 150 Meters
Carrying Capacity of 180kg to 1350kg
Made From High Performance Metals
Huge Range of Bonus Features


Seamless Performance

Regardless of terrain or weather conditions, our Hillmate Inclined Lifts deliver the smoothest ride possible.


The dual rail system is specially designed to remove any rocking momentum while you travel. The variable speed motor has a soft starting and stopping function. Plus, the motor is whisper quiet.

Custom Inclinators Sydney

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Comfort All Year Long

Regardless of climate, a Hillmate Inclined Lift operates safely all year round.

The full cabin option encloses you in a spacious and comfortable environment. The high performance metals provide superior protection to withstand harsh conditions like wind, rain, hail and storms.

Rest assured, you’ll enjoy a safe travel to your destination while avoiding the varied Australian climate.


Bonus Features

Our Hillmate Inclined Lifts are custom-made for easy access, comfort and security. But if you want the most from your experience, we recommend customising your inclined lift. Luckily, we have a range of bonus features for you to discover.

Want to have intermediate stops while travelling to your destination? No problem. Need double cable drives for commercial requirements? We have you covered.

At Old Mate Elevators, we provide a custom-solution for any situation.

Secure Keyless Entry Systems
Rust-Proof Stainless Steel
Exit and Entry Doors on Both Sides
Additional Seating Options
Automatic Shut Off Systems
Fully Enclosed Cabin
Wheelchair Accessibility
Motor Control Package
Mechanical or Electrical Interlocks on Fixed Landing Gates



Enclosed Rail Design for Residential and Commercial Sizes
Motors Sizes – 3 HP to 20 HP
Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Reducers
Fully Enclosed, Two Sided Entry and Handicap Accessibility
Choice of Galvanised Steel, Marine Grade Aluminium or Stainless Steel
Slack Cables Brakes on Motor and Car
Electronic Safety Brakes

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