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Are you a homeowner with a long-term physical ailment and need to overcome the challenges of multi-story living? Or a commercial property owner who wants to improve traffic flow and productivity in the workplace? If so, Old Mate Elevators can help you.

Old Mate Elevators custom lift solutions are designed to improve your quality of life in the home, business and public sector. From design and installation to maintenance, you get everything you need to enjoy a fully integrated and operational lift solution that meets your exact needs.

With years of experience and a portfolio of successful projects, we are the lift company in Bankstown you can depend on for personal customer service, quality products and outstanding results.

Each elevator and lift is sourced from reputable international companies and built to comply with Australian Standard AS 1735.

Old Fashioned Service.Cutting Edge Technology.

Old Mate Elevators offer a range of elevators and lift solutions to match any architectural style, layout or landscape.

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Whether you are installing for a new or existing building, the team will perform a thorough inspection of the premise and outline the process so you know exactly what to expect. Every effort is made to preserve the existing layout and flow of the building – so everything is left just the way you like it.

Most installation jobs can be completed within a week or longer depending on the type of lift – all of which is done with minimal fuss.

For free advice and support, talk to your local lift company in Bankstown. Simply call (02) 9576 5999 to connect with us.

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Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

Having an elevator or lift is a major investment. You want to regularly maintain your lift in order to maintain operational efficiency, reduce the risk of an emergency breakdown and increase the overall lifespan. And if you ever want to sell your property, a well-maintained lift can greatly increase the resale value.

With a regular maintenance service, we can detect small issues early before they become a big problem. By using the latest inspection tools and equipment, we can also assess the quality of each moving part and make sure everything is up to code. Depending on the model and type of lift solution, most repairs can be made on the spot, unless special parts must be ordered.

If you experience a sudden breakdown or mechanical failure, we are available 24/7 to provide emergency repairs and support.

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Old Mate Elevators is committed to improving your quality of life and making multi-storey living easy, safe and simply. Whether you need to install a new elevator or maintain an existing lift – everything you need is right here.

For more information talk to your local lift company in Bankstown. Simply call (02) 9576 5999 or send your online enquiry and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.