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At Old Mate Elevators we design, install and maintain lift systems to help people travel between floors quickly, easily and efficiently. As your trusted lift company in Hurstville you have a wide range of residential and commercial lifts you can choose to enhance your quality of living.

Designed with your needs and budget in mind, each lift system is tailor made to blend in with your current floorplan and provide easy access to the exact place you need to be. Whether you need to overcome the challenge of living with a disability or cater for a large capacity building – we provide safe and affordable solutions.

Explore our innovative range of products to find the right one for your project:

Residential Lifts

Commercial Lifts

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Each lift system is covered by a manufacturer warranty so you can expect years of smooth reliable performance and prompt service from our local technicians.

Request a free no-obligation quote today. Talk to your trusted lift company in Hurstville on (02) 9576 5999 or send us a message with details of your project. If you require emergency maintenance call our 24 hour number on (02) 9576 5999 for immediate support.

What We Do

Old Mate Elevators is committed to the satisfaction of our customers. From start to finish, you are guided through each step of the process and get to be involved in making all of the important design choices.

Rest assured every detail of your lift system is designed to enhance the way you work and live. Your Old Mate lift technician will take the time to understand your exact project needs – from the purpose of the lift to ideal capacity, special access needs, and how to utilise the current space to maintain the flow of the layout flow.

After confirming the details you get a free, no-obligation quote and all the information you need to move forward.

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Lift Maintenance and Upgrades

To ensure your lift system is running safely and reliably all year round Old Mate Elevators recommends having an annual lift maintenance service. With a regular service schedule you will have fewer downtime periods while your tenants, guests and staff will enjoy a better quality of life.

By using the latest inspection tools our technicians can perform real-time adjustments, part replacements and emergency repairs which results in faster response times, improved productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

All lift maintenance checks are performed in compliance with Australian Standard AS 1735.

Need to upgrade your old, worn down lift?

Old Mate Elevators offer a range of modernisation kits to suit your needs. Our team can assess your current lift system and offer helpful advice on how we can make it safer, more efficient, appealing, and eco-friendly based on your needs and budget.

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Old Mate Elevators specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of lift systems. Find out how we can improve the safety and efficiency of your site with a custom lift solution.

Get in touch with Old Mate Elevators on (02) 9576 5999 or send a message with details of your project. As your trusted lift company in Hurstville – we look forward to helping you reach new heights.