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If you need a professional lift installation, maintenance, or modernisation service from a local lift company in Balgowlah Heights, look no further than Old Mate Elevators for reliable service – at honest rates that won’t blow your budget.

Wherever you are based in Balgowlah Heights, our highly skilled technicians promise to arrive on time, every time, and take the time to understand your specific needs and satisfy your mobility requirements on time, on budget.

Below are the following lift systems we service:

Residential lifts
Commercial lifts
Low rise platformss
Limited mobility lifts
Hillmate inclincator
Non-stop traction lifts

Rest assured each service we provide is compliant with relevant Australian Standards and Work Health and Safety regulations to give you peace of mind.

Get a FREE quote from your local lift company in Balgowlah Heights. Call (02) 9576 5999 now.

Lift Services

Old Mate elevators provide a range of services to ensure your lift system is safe, reliable, easily accessible, and tailor made to fit your building specifications, mobility needs, and budget.

Lift Installation

From quote to completion, Old Mate elevators will guide you through the process of installing your brand new lift system.

During the initial inspection, your technician will take the time to draft your ‘dream’ lift system – taking into account passenger capacity, interior design, accessibility needs, safety measures, and energy-efficiency – and ensure your vision is faithfully brought to life.

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To streamline the delivery process, Old Mate Elevators is happy to liaison with all parties involved – be it property developers, builders, architects, designers, and other vital crew – to ensure all are on the same page and committed to a successful outcome.

Whether you need a lift for a new or existing premise, most lift systems require minimal alterations to the existing layout. In fact, many modern elevators do not require a dedicated engine room at all!

24 hour Emergency Service

Whether you or another person has been exposed to a safety hazard, trapped on the lift, or the system has suddenly become non-operational, help from Old Mate elevators is just one easy call phone away.

Our emergency technicians are on-standby to provide immediate emergency assistance. No matter where you are based in Balgowlah Heights, you can expect us to quickly arrive on time and keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

For 24 hour emergency assistance from your lift company in Balgowlah Heights, call 0413 030 071 now.

Lift Maintenance

Under Australian Standard AS 1735.1 it is a legal requirement to have your lift, elevator, or escalator serviced at least once per year.

As certified and insured lift technicians, who have years of experience in maintaining lift systems from leading brands – including Kone, Otis, KLEEMAN, Sigma, Schindler Group, and more – your lift system will get the preventive care it needs to remain safe, efficient, reliable, and compliant.

Better still, you have the freedom to arrange a preventive maintenance plan that suits your schedule and budget, be it monthly, bi-annual, or annual.

And, last but not least, all services and products supplied through your maintenance plan is covered by a workmanship guarantee.

Lift Modernisation

Is your existing lift system not performing as well as it once did … receiving complaints from tenants … not up to code with current safety standards … looking old and outdated … or unable to meet the increased capacity demands?

Regardless of your lift-related woes, modernisation kits are a cost-effective way to enhance the design, safety, and performance of your existing lift system.

By taking the time to assess the specifications of your current lift, Old Mate Elevator can propose a modernisation kit that will:

 Improve energy-efficiency and reduce operating costs
Increase passenger capacity to meet with rising tenant demand
Implement better safety measures to offer greater peace of mind
Enhance the visual appeal with a modern facelift
Allow for faster travel times between floors
Provide a smoother and more comfortable ride


You’ll be amazed by the difference even a few minor alterations can make to your lift system.

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