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Welcome to Old Mate Elevators – Your ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Lift Company in Engadine

Old Mate Elevators is your full-service lift company in Engadine and the surrounding suburbs.

As a provider of innovative lift solutions, we excel when it comes to the design, installation, and maintenance of both residential and commercial lifts, low rise platforms, limited mobility lifts, hillmate inclinators, and non-stop traction lifts.

Our purpose is to help everyday people like yourself get from A to B more easily, safely, and efficiently. And to ensure that your lift system is easy to use, comfortable, compliant, and reliable for many years to come.

To achieve these outcomes, we take the time to understand your exact needs and propose a custom solution that fits your needs and budget. As a result, you get total peace of mind knowing that you are getting incredible value for your money.

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How Can We Help You Today?

Here is a complete breakdown of the following services we offer you.

New Lift Installation

Old Mate Elevators provides a range of products designed to blend in seamlessly with your new or existing premise and meet your unique mobility needs.

Most of our lift products require minimal (if any alterations) to the existing layout. In fact, many of today’s modern elevators don’t even need a dedicated machine room. This makes it easy to turn your new lift system into a natural extension of the premise, regardless of its size or layout.

Every aspect of your lift system is tailored to suit your exact needs. You can choose from a range of standard products. Or you can request a custom solution. Your lift technician will guide you through the design process and help you choose the best product for you.

Rest assured your new lift system will be installed in compliance with all relevant Australian Standards and Work Health and Safety guidelines to give you peace of mind.

Preventive Lift Maintenance

When it comes to lift maintenance, Old Mate Elevators can provide a flexible and reliable maintenance service to keep your investment in optimal shape. By adopting a routine maintenance plan, you’ll greatly increase the lifespan of your lift, avoid costly breakdowns, and stay compliant with industry standards.

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Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience in maintaining lift systems from industry leading brands, such as Kone, Schindler Group, Otis, Mitsubishi Electric, and much more.

Whatever the make, year, or model of your product, rest assured we have the skills, tools, and quality replacement parts to effectively service your lift system.

To make sure your lift system gets a consistent service, we maintain a logbook of your routine schedule. This tells you what has previously been serviced, what parts are soon due for service, and what requires immediate attention. This way, you will know exactly what you get for your money.

24 Hour Emergency Service

At any time of the day or night, if you are facing an emergency issue – be it a sudden breakdown, personal safety risk, or any other technical fault – you can count on Old Mate Elevators to help you.

Our mobile technicians are fully-equipped and ready to travel straight to your location. For your convenience, most emergency issues can be resolved in just one visit – which helps to keep downtime and disruption to a minimum.

For 24 hour emergency support from your local lift company in Engadine, call (02) 9576 5999.


Lift Modernisation

Lift modernisation is a cost-effective way to enhance the eco-efficiency, style, performance, and safety of your existing elevator – without the hefty price tag that comes with a replacement job.

Old Mate Elevators will evaluate your existing elevator and propose a custom modernisation kit that’s right for you. Whether you want to enjoy a smoother ride … implement new safety features … upgrade the lift phone … renovate the interior décor … or anything else … you have the freedom to upgrade as much or as little as you desire.

Your friendly and knowledgeable lift technician will guide you through the design process and help you choose the best upgrades for you. Bet of all? Most modernisation services can be carried out with minimal fuss to your tenants and day-to-day operations.

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Are you planning on installing a new elevator or lift? Do you wish to implement a routine maintenance plan? Or is your current elevator in need of a modern facelift? Whatever your needs are, Old Mate Elevators has all your needs covered under one roof.

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