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Old Mate Elevators is your trusted local lift company in Greater Western Sydney and the surrounding suburbs.

Get from A to B easily, safely, and in style with a lift solution that’s tailor made to suit your mobility needs. Everything you need to travel with confidence is right here. From Residential and Commercial Lifts to Limited Mobility Lifts, Hill Mate Inclinators, and Non-Stop Traction Lifts.

Trust our fully licensed and insured technicians to design, install, and maintain a lift system you can count on. One that always delivers a safe and smooth ride, and complies with the relevant Australian industry standards.

And you can always rely on our friendly and reliable customer support when you need it most.

  • Tailor made to suit your mobility needs
  • Preventative routine maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Fully licensed and insured technicians
  • Quality products
  • Proudly serving Greater Western Sydney
  • Compliant with Australian Standards


Contact Old Mate Elevators today. Experience the finest service from the most trusted lift company in Greater Western Sydney.


Custom Design and Installation

Every aspect of your lift system is designed to fit the unique specifications of your new or existing building. This includes the overall floorplan and the flow of traffic, interior design, capacity, power supply needs, and more. As a result you’ll get a tailor made plan to fit your mobility needs and budget.

By using the latest machine-room less designs you can make travel easy throughout your building without compromise to the current layout.

And for peace of mind each plan is expertly designed to comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

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Service and Maintenance

Old Mate Elevators provides routine preventative maintenance to ensure the equipment in your lift is running safely and efficiently.

Rest assured your lift is maintained by highly skilled technicians. They are committed to providing excellent customer service and making sure you’re fully satisfied with the performance of your lift.

What this means is increased savings for you and less disruption to you and your tenants.



On a suitable day, Old Mate Elevators will inspect your existing lift. By listening to your needs and concerns, the team will propose a modernisation service to improve its performance, style, and reliability.

Whether you need to change the layout of the building … address complaints from clients or staff … comply with new legislation … compete with other businesses in your industry … or address a safety concern … Old Mate Elevators has the solution.

By using the latest technology and keeping disruption to a minimum, it’s easy to upgrade your existing lift without compromise to your quality of life, business, or tenancy agreements.


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Whether you wish to install a new lift, or you require maintenance, Old Mate Elevators is ready to help.

Call (02) 9576 5999 to enquire with a trusted lift company in Greater Western Sydney. Your lift technician looks forward to taking your call.