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Meet Your Trusted Lift Company in South Coast NSW

Welcome to Old Mate Elevators, your trusted local lift company on the South Coast, NSW.

Old Mate Elevators is a team of qualified lift technicians who specialise in the design, installation, and maintenance of various lift systems – including Residential and Commercial Lifts, Low Rise Platforms, Limited Mobility Lifts, Hillmate Inclinators, and Non-Stop Traction Lifts.

As a proudly Australian owned and operated lift company, we make sure all of our lift solutions are compliant with the highest industry standards (AS1735.12 Lifts, Escalators, and Moving Walks) and we adhere to strict Workplace Health and Safety guidelines.

Rest assured, you can be confident your lift solution will deliver a safe, smooth and enjoyable experience, yet also be extremely reliable and give you the longest possible service life.

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Choose from a range of lift services

Whether you’d like to install a custom lift system for a new or existing building, set up a routine service plan, or upgrade your existing lift with a cost-effective modernisation kit – Old Mate elevators has the skills, knowledge, and experience to meet your unique job requirements.


Below are the following lift services we provide for you:

Design and installation

Our professional lift installation service is second-to-none. By taking the time to listen to you, we will present you with a tailored lift solution that satisfies your budget and unique accessibility needs.

Every aspect of your lift system is personalised to meet your needs. From the location itself through to your choice of colour, doors, operating panels, and much more. Your lift technician will take the time to explain the benefits of each feature and help you make an informed choice.

Plus, every effort is made to ensure the lift system itself blends in seamlessly with your new or existing building layout. So there is minimal disruption to the flow of traffic and the look and feel of your premise is preserved.

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Lift maintenance

Each of our qualified technicians have years of experience providing maintenance for various lift systems from leading brands such as Kone, Schindler Group, Marshall Elevator, Otis Elevator Company, and more.

By setting up a routine maintenance plan for you, your lift system will be serviced on a regular basis in line with your usage and budget. You also don’t have to worry about booking individual appointments each time you need a service. Instead, you will be notified of your upcoming service ahead of schedule, allowing you to confirm or reschedule based on your needs.

After each visit, you will get a copy of all the necessary documents so that you have a consistent service history.

Elevator modernisation

Elevator modernisation is a cost-effective way to improve the quality and lifespan of your existing elevator. From cosmetic upgrades and performance enhancements to improved safety, reliability, and security, everything you need to get the most out of your elevator is right here.

Your friendly lift technician will give you a range of modernisation options to choose from. They will explain the benefits of each upgrade to you and ensure that you are happy with the final decision. As a result, you will be impressed by the boost in quality and performance, while making sure you comply with the latest standards.

Why choose Old Mate Elevators?

Local lift company serving the South Coast of NSW and the surrounding areas

Tailor made lift systems

Professional design and installation

Flexible maintenance schedule

Cost-effective modernisation upgrades

Workmanship guarantee

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