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Everybody deserves to live and work in an accessible environment. As a leading lift company in Vaucluse, Old Mate Elevators is committed to making accessibility standard in every building. How? By providing custom lift solutions tailored to your unique floor plan and mobility needs. And providing ongoing support to keep your investment safe, reliable, and compliant for the long term.

Lift Design and Installation

With over a decade of experience in the design and installation of various lift systems – including Residential and Commercial Elevators, Low Rise Platforms, Limited Mobility Lifts, Hill Mate Inclinators, and Non-Stop Traction Lifts – you are guaranteed a quality product that is easy to use, fitted with premium components, and built to last.

Tailor Made Solutions

Every aspect of your lift can be customised to meet your particular needs. Everything from the interior colour and finish through to handrails, control panels, emergency phones, and even lighting.Your lift technician will also make sure the design blends in seamlessly with the current décor and floor plan. Thus, preserving the building’s original layout and aesthetics.

Lift  Modernisation

Modernisation is an effective way to boost the safety, performance, appearance, and energy-efficiency of your lift system – at a fraction of the cost to knockdown and rebuild. Whether you need to replace a few parts, update the cabin, or overhaul the elevator in the shortest possible time frame; Old Mate Elevators can help extend the lifespan of your system with minimal downtime.Talk to your local lift company in Vaucluse about providing a better lift experience for you and your tenants today.

Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

Whatever make, model or brand, Old Mate Elevators can provide a one-time and routine service to keep your lift system in tip-top shape. Each service is carried out in accordance with AS1735.12 Australian Standards, giving you peace of mind that your lift will be safe, reliable, and compliant. Plus, our preventive care plan can help you spot potential issues early, helping you avoid costly breakdowns and unnecessary downtime.

Enjoy a better lift experience

Ready to make getting from A to B easy in your building? Take the first step with an obligation-free quote from Old Mate Elevators. No job too big or small.

Wherever you’d like to make accessibility standard in Vaucluse, this lift company can deliver. Contact Old Mate Elevators today.

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