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Mobility Lifts

At Old Mate Elevators, we’re experts in the design and installation of limited mobility lifts.

Are you looking for a convenient travel solution for your home or commercial property? Look no further than a disabled platform lift. We suply and install a range of lifts to suit your particular needs.

Our mobility lifts save you on space, running costs and energy consumption. They’re self-sufficient and easy for anyone to operate on their own. We accommodate plenty of space for wheelchair access, walking aids, and those who need carer’s assistance.

Suitable for Residential and Commercial purposes
Fully compliant with disabled standards
Available in Platform Lift or Full Cabin Options
Low on maintenance, running costs and energy consumption
Disruption-free installation and maintenance


Design Features

Our mobile lifts can be designed in any configuration.

We can custom-design a platform lift model or full cabin option to match your budget. Each configuration gives you plenty of headroom and space to move around. Plus, you can view your surroundings from any angle.

Our platforms come in a range of sizes to accommodate for different mobile aids. Whether you need a platform lift for a wheelchair, walking frame, or with assistance from a carer – we give you the space to move freely.

Limited Mobility Lifts Installation

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Easy Installation

With a disabled platform lift, you don’t have to make major changes to your existing layout.

We install your mobility lift without building a separate machine room. And we only have to make minor adjustments to accommodate for pit depth.

Rest assured, your property will preserve its original characteristics and structural integrity.

Installing your mobility lift is also quick and simple. Our technician’s can install your lift during the day with minimal disruption to your family, staff, clients and customers.


Seamless Integration

Concerned about a disabled platform lift affecting your current layout? Don’t worry. We guarantee your mobility lift will blend in seamlessly with your existing space.

Our technicians will help you choose the right colour and design to match your decor. Choose from our range of customisation options to match your environment.


Technical Features

Maximum Number Of Stops – 8
Lifting Capacity 400kg – 630kg – 1000kg
Maximum Lifting Travel – 15,000mm
Pit Depth Minimum – 50mm
No Pit Required with Ramp Option
Shaft Top Minimum – 2250mm (with 2100mm doors)
Call (02) 9576 5999 or 0413 030 071 to speak to a qualified technician about our limited mobility lifts. Send your online enquiry to request more information about our services.