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Low Rise Platform Lift

Old Mate Elevators specialise in the design and installation of any low rise platform.

Want to avoid the expense of a long distance ramp? A low rise platform is a great space-saving alternative. We manufacture custom-made platform lifts to accommodate for a range of residential and commercial purposes.

Each lift is custom-made to suit your interior or exterior layout, along with your individual needs.

Suitable for people of all ages with limited mobility
Travel distance up to 1.5 meters
Suitable for indoor or outdoor locations
Convenient access into or within any building
Made to Australian and New Zealand Standards

Our platform lifts are safe to use with any mobility aid. From walking frames to manual wheelchairs and large power chairs. We can provide additional space for carers too.


Easy to Use

A low rise platform lift is the easiest and safest way to transport people with limited mobility.

Our platform lifts are simple enough for anyone to operate on their own. Each lift has easy-to-follow tactile buttons and braille commands. Or you can use a handy remote to operate without reaching for the control buttons.

Plus, the retractable ramp provides easy access to the lift.

Low Rise Platform Lift

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Safe and Self-Sufficient

Each platform lift is designed and manufactured to meet Australian and New Zealand Standards. Our platform lifts are installed with features to keep you safe entering or leaving the lift, and during your travel.

Anti-entrapment walls
Anti-entrapment blind to secure underside of the lift
Interlock landing gate barrier arm (at upper landing)
Retractable ramp
Platform barrier arm
Emergency stop button
Emergency lowering command
Audible alarm

Distraction-Free Installation

Old Mate Elevators works closely with property owners, architects, designers and businesses to provide a cost-effective travel solution.

Are you building a new property or installing for an existing one? We can install at any time with minimal fuss to your residents, clients or customers.

Maintenance and Support

Whether we’ve installed your platform lift, or you already have one – we provide ongoing maintenance for all makes and models.

To keep your lift in top working condition, we recommend having your lift serviced at regular intervals. This will enable your lift to continue running smoothly, efficiently and ensure it lasts.

Plus, your lift will last for much longer too.

To receive help from a qualified technician, call (02) 9576 5999 or 0413 030 071 to book an appointment or request emergency assistance.

Why Choose Our Low Rise Platform Lift?

At Old Mate Elevators, you not only receive a great product – but the peace of mind knowing your residents can travel safely on their own.

A low rise platform saves you from worrying about friends, family, clients or customers accessing your property. Most importantly, those with limited mobility have the freedom to travel at their convenience.

Call (02) 9576 5999 or 0413 030 071 to book your obligation-free site inspection. Send your online enquiry and our support team will answer your questions.