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Non-Stop Traction

THE NON-STOP TRACTION is a traction MRL (Motor Room Less) .....this is not hydraulic, it is a far better energy efficient way of moving passengers.

  • Modular design to fit into space
  • Highly energy efficient - Uses 1/3 power of conventional lift systems
  • 150watts disabled compliant
  • Single phase supply 240V
  • Option to enter lift car from 3 different sides
  • Battery backup system allows lift to work for up to 30 runs when no power to system
  • Comparably priced to a Hydro

There is not space required outside the shaft for hydraulic tank and control unit, also hydraulic lifts will not give proper floor levelling when hydraulic oil is hot.

Our lift works on next to no power (150 watts) and will even work in the event of a blackout which is very appealing for a situation where they rely on getting passengers around in absolutely every scenario, like the elderly or people with limited mobility. We can also offer modular shaft with metal or glass finishing which may save long term on building the lift shaft yourself.

Non-Stop Traction Lift

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